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    Dual axis on a population pyramid?

    Sergio Bromberg

      Hi all,


      I just made a population pyramid with data from the colombian census. I would like to have 2 axis on it: age (on the left), and year of birth (on the right). I created a calculated field with formula =  2005 - [Age] in order to get the year of birth (the census is from 2005), but when I add it to the row fields, a strange symmetric chart appears. Any clues on how to add an axis without adding any more data?





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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Sergio,


          Place your [Año de nacimiento] on Rows

          as a Continuous (Green Pill) Dimension --

          same as your [Edad] pill already on a view.


          Make them Dual Axis and make one of the Axes Reversed.

          You've done this already for your SUM([Mujeres (%)]) pill,

          so I suspect you know how to do it :-)


          Hope that's what you're looking for.




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