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    Map based on user region/hierarchy


      I was having a discussion with some clients and there is an ask now for a filled map of where certain activities have occurred.  Sorry, I can't speak to the client, their business type or what those activities are.  We're locked into using version 9.2.6 by the way.


      Now, this would be relatively easy I should think, however, this dashboard we're creating will go to users at different sales levels.  Some may be able to see the entire US, some may only be able to see a portion of the US, some may only be able to see a portion of a state. 


      The question is this - if we create this filled map, will that map be zoomed into the specific territory that these users can see based on their security when they look at the dashboard, or will they see the entire US map and they will have to zoom in to see more detail close up?   I cannot provide any data for this, because we're still building the data model, and I'm not entirely sure how the sales hierarchy is structured (although I believe zip codes are involved). 


      Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/examples anyone can provide.