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    How to change multiple dimensions?

    d Vermaak

      i am building a dashboard on a survey that is issued on a weekly basis. The survey consists of 90 questions that fall under 6 different categories. The source data (a number of different excel sheets) lists an incorrect category for several of the questions.

      I have the corrected categories in a separate excel file, so blending/relationships makes sense. However, i feel like it may be easier if I could just manually change the data.

      I can't realistically do it in excel because it would be too time consuming (there's about 500,000 rows per month and there are 12 months. each month is a different sheet).

      If I am using relationships/blending I run into a couple of different issues: Null Values on quick filter, VERY slow processing times, etc. Right now, I have a quick filter showing the question category using data blending, but when I select a filter, it often takes about 30 seconds to filter the data!

      In excel I would typically use an index/match or vlookup formula to match the correct question category with the right question. How would you recommend I do this in Tableau?


      I can attach the workbook if need be. I was just a little reluctant to because the data is confidential.