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    Trying to get different year sales

    Alora Omega

      Hi Guys,


      I am a newbie.


      is it possible to get sales based of different selected years.




      country   prevYear  CY

      UK          200         0

      RUSSIA   0          0

      ITALY    100    200


      I have created a parameter (start and end date) that holds date from 2014 to end of 2016

      I have made copy of the date (report month) which i named accordingly, i want user to select N number of months of Month-Year (June-2014, July-2015 etc) then get the sales appear , same way i want to add the second date filter so users can choose their dates as the CY and the sales appear.


      any help on this will be happy




      the issue i am having now is using the two different dates as filters, when i drop the CY dates on the filter pane and drag the measure, it works same as the prevYear date however, when i add both dates, everything disappear . Am i doing something wrong?