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    Page shelf does not syncronize in Dashboards

    Gregers Nis Søborg Larsen

      Hello Community!


      I have a slight problem I hope You can help me with.


      I have two nearly identical Sheets in my projects, only difference is a filter deciding between two scenarios. The Sheets are both Treemaps, where the Pages shelf contains Yealy (discrete) values, as so the graph play a development over the years.


      In my dashboard, I'd like to compare these two scenarios side by side, and have it set up so. There is a "Year" Pages control which properties tells me it is Syncronized, but the control only works for the first sheet I placed in the Dashboard.


      How can I make but graphs play from the same control so they can be compared year by year with each other?Udklip.PNG


      In my data, the two scenarios come before the year value, is that the problem (Header 1 | Header 2 | Header X | Scenario | Year | Data values) ?