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    Tableau executes query every time i want to JUST SEE the query.

    Vesko Vasilev

      Extremely frustrating. I am using extract. No live connection. I want to see the code. First of all, there should be a 'see code' button. There isn't. I have to click on 'Edit'. That makes me nervous, because I don't want to 'Edit', just 'see'.


      I click edit, and now I have been staring at a screen for 20 minutes, that says 'executing query' . WHO TOLD YOU TO EXECUTE QUERY!. This is caps on purpose. I wish this topic would be forwarded to the Tableau designer who thought that was a great idea, and then the person who approved that. You both don't know what you are doing. I click 'cancel'. Another 20 minutes, now I am staring at a different screen, that says 'processing request'.

      This is a Hadoop connection, that is perfectly fine and working.


      All I wanted, was to see my ******** code.


      PLEASE don't give me cheesy excuses for the poor work of tableau designers! This should not happen under any circumstances! No excuses! Query should not run until I CHANGE something! Everything is in the extract, and I should be able to view the extract immediately!


      However, I will accept some help for running around and avoiding this issue. And that I will appreciate!


      But don't forget for forward this topic to the right Tableau developer! I want to talk to him too! I want to know what the **** was he thinking.





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          Zack Gorman

          Hi Victor,
          I agree that it can be a real drag to watch "Loading metadata" or "Executing Query" for minutes on end when you just want some text. I think a thread suggesting this in the ideas section would do well.


          This is an imperfect solution as the code comes back in one line, but you can usually get the gist of your custom sql query by right clicking on the data source and selecting properties. The query will come back in the Table line, which you can copy and paste into a text editor to see in full.


          Best of luck, and may you never stop going in,

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            Dmitry Chirkov

            Hi, Victor


            Believe me, I can understand your frustration and, to be upfront, this is something we are already aware and figuring out how to address.


            Here we have two independent issues.

            First one is relatively straightforward - cancellation. Several connectors (read ODBC drivers) give us a lot of headache due to lack of certain capabilities. Some, for example, do not provide any interfaces to cancel currently running query. We try to mitigate this by abandoning certain tasks and let them finish in the background (have you ever noticed "Abandon" button instead of "Cancel"?). In this case inability to cancel looks like a legitimate bug and I'll forward this feedback to developers (since it's not a designer's fault).


            Second is the flow. Data Source tab, that appeared first in 8.2, is designed to show you your current state of affairs - we ask database if it still has tables you are joining, what are the columns in those tables plus pull 1000 rows of live data when asked. For the past couple of months we were/are considering a feature that would let you interact with Data Source tab in fully disconnected state but this surfaces up few incomplete UX flows and is basically asking for "Design mode" switch which some of us are not really fond of.


            Hope this adds some clarity.




            p.s. What do you mean by the "code"? Custom SQL? Or just "what tables are joined and how"?

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              Vesko Vasilev

              Thanks for the prompt replies. This forum does not suffer from the same issue, i must admit.


              Yes, i mean SQL query code.


              Pulling 1000 rows to confirm something that nobody is requesting is not a good idea, off the start. Then, you guys need to seriously consider Hadoop performance. I have big resentment for Hadoop, because for me it is a pain to work with, but this appears to be the future because it is free or cheap, and I see it growing everywhere. So we need to adopt and live with it. Selecting top 1000 rows from Hadoop will take you 15 minutes. This is not your microsoft SQL server or Teradata. Especially if the query has several big tables joined and you get 1000 rows of that thing. You will NEVER improve that performance. Hadoop should NEVER BE TOUCHED, unless absolutely necessary. No other way to avoid excruciating pain.


              I will keep this open a little longer, in case there is a workaround, some trick to get the code without this happening. Actually Zack's suggestion is pretty good and i will be using it from now on. I can reformat it in a minute and its much better than waiting for Tableau and Hadoop to shake hands.

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                Roger Hau

                Hi Vesko,


                I work on the same team as Dmitry, and while we don't have a plan forward yet, I did want you to know our leadership is very aware of your pain. I'm quoting an email one of our execs sent to me that felt very similar to your scenario:


                "I am on a plane trying to use <latest dev branch> and it is almost unusable because of the following: Basic data source edits are requiring connection information even though the data source is extracted. Simple example: I rename a field. This shouldn’t require rediscovering connection info. My copy of Tableau has been hung for over a minute.


                Is this issue bugged already? If it is not, can you try and recreate and file as my wifi on the plane is HORRIBLE."


                As Dmitry mentioned, there are obstacles with ODBC and Hadoop, but we have issues even when networks are slow. This won't make your workbook faster, but hopefully it gives you some assurance that this scenario is prioritized and we are working on this.


                Completely separately, opening up the .twb or .tds file in a raw text editor can also show you the Custom SQL.

                Hope this helps,


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                  Raj Gujar

                  I am also very frustrated wait Tableau  executing query for every small change I do , Even if I switch between sheets. Is there an option where we can turn the query execution off. Tableau is very frustrating at times

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                    Austin Burrow



                    Did anyone ever find a solution for this?

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                      See the 'accepted answer'. Works to get (unformatted) sql

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                        Years later and this is still putting a real halt on productivity.  I have to wait 10 minutes sometimes just to be able to look at my extract.  After reading replies from Tableau devs, I can at least understand the idea, but have to agree with OP and Tableau Exec on a Plane - poor design choice.