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    Percent of Total of numbers which are already in % terms

    Ramesh Krishnan

      Hello Helpers,


      I have weekly RoI data for investment in 2 categories. The RoI is already a %. I want to see each weeks RoI as a % of total.


      What I did:

      1. Added a quick table calculation: Percent of total

      2. Edit table calculation: Table Down


      Now, I get the the numbers as Percent of total, but then it's on a scale of 200% instead of 100%.

      For example, for week 1, RoI of category A was 5.41% and that of B was 12.1%

      % of total bar.png

      So, the % of total for these should have been 30.9% and 69.1%, but the chart with table calculation shows 61.8% and 138.2% respectively!

      % of total stacked bar.png


      Is there a way to scale the table calculation back to 100%?