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    How to connect noetix views in tableau

    Jhansi Bolleddu

      How to connect noetix views in tableau

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Jhansi,


          This is from the Noetix website:


          Noetix Generator: Customized Reporting Solution for Tableau




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            Eric Hirst

            Hi Jhansi,


            Hi, I work at Noetix and was one of the developers for the Noetix Generator release that Yuri referred to.  While it is "sort of possible" to query Noetix Views from Tableau directly using Tableau's Oracle connectivity, it's actually quite difficult and requires a lot of extra manual legwork, especially if you aren't already an expert in Noetix Views.


            The generator makes the process much simpler.  It consists of:

            1. A simple .TDS authoring tool that allows you to easily build your own Tableau Data Source files directly against Noetix metadata instead of relying on the Oracle data dictionary.  This editor essentially replaces Tableau's Data Source tab for live connections.  It has access to all of the Noetix metadata that Tableau can't see and understands join and cardinality constraints so you don't have to.
            2. A metadata-aware ODBC driver that will automatically apply functionality like list-of-value mappings.
            3. A server component which feeds metadata to the above client components based on the permissions defined in your Noetix Views (or Noetix Analytics) repositories.  (This component is the same one we ship with our Qlik offering, which follows a similar architecture.)


            Best of luck, Eric