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    Unable to calculate when connecting to live server

    Anh Ho

      Hi all,


      My dashboard currently connecting to SQL server and some Excel files as my data. I tried to join the date and time of a particular activity with DATEADD function but the error appears;

      My function:


      'hour', DATEPART('hour', [Start Load Discharge Time]), DATEADD(

      'minute', DATEPART('minute', [Start Load Discharge Time]), DATEADD(

      'second', DATEPART('second', [Start Load Discharge Time]), [Start Load Discharge Date]))))


      Error notice: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]The datepart second is not supported by date function dateadd for data type date.

      I tried to take out datepart for second and minute but still similar error notice.

      A snapshot of my data can be seen in "Dateadd sample" file

      Please help. Thank you