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    How long does it take to reach revenue target? (Days)

    Karan Parekh



      Hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to solve an interesting problem - How long does it take someone to reach their revenue target? (Quota). I have attached my packaged workbook.


      I am stumped because I am tending to wrap a table calculation within a LOD. See screenshot below of where I am:


      Seeing it in this view, I can tell It took Michael 83 days from the start of the quarter to hit his target. However, I have to do this analysis over several hundred reps, and this is not feasible.



      I want to see in one view, as shown below the following:

      -First Date rep appears (in this case its 1/1/2016):

      -Date target was reached

      -How many days did it take?

      Goal Vision:


      Attached is my workbook. I have also attached the Excel data in case any one wants to reconnect.


      Thank you so much in advance!!