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    How to hide columns when the values change to 0 when you use a filter.

    Manuel Rodriguez

      Hi everyone,


      I am fairly new with Tableau therefore this may be a pretty silly question. However, after looking for an answer here and in other forums, I could not find a solution for this specific problem.


      Lets introduce my current situation:



      I have a Table where I sum up a Cash Flow evolution. I have Actuals and I compare them with Previous Year data (PY) and vs Profit Objective (PO). I analyze the variation in dollars and also in percentage. What I what to do is to introduce a filter that allows the user to choose to compare ACT vs PO excluding all PY metrics and ACT vs PY not taking into account the PO. In order to do so, I added a column to my database called view, splitting the data in two in order to be shown in one filter "vs PY" and the other "vs PO". The following screenshot shows my current database:

      Forum excel.PNG


      So my goal is to show only the Data Type: ACT compared with LY, vs PY$ and vs PY% when I filter my data by View selecting vs PY. and omit the rest. On the other hand, I would like to see the opposite effect when I select the vs PO option in my View filter. Nevertheless, I am able to show only the values that I want but I cannot remove the columns with null values when I apply a concrete filter. The following pictures illustrate my problem:


      Forum Tableau 1.PNG


      As you can see, I filtered my data by View selecting vs PO Option. My data is fine but I cannot exclude the columns with 0 values which are in this case PY, vsPY$ and vsPY%.



      Forum Tableau 2.PNG

      When I filtered my data by vsPO, I have the same problem in the opposite columns.


      I attached the book and my current database in order to facilitate your answers.


      Thank you very much for your time. Hopefully this may help also some people with the same problem. .