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    Missing Dates, Null Dates: Aligning Incomplete Date Ranges

    Michael Hesser

      Hello All; I'm using Tableau Desktop 9.2.8.


      Goal: to display a two bar charts by date. The primary bar chart displays all values, segmented by a specific dimension (in the attached silly sample they are animals); the second "stalactite" bar chart appears directly under it, showing the results over time for that dimension.

      It is important that I use Dashboard or Workbook actions (hover or select), rather than parameters.


      Issue: the filtered results do not align with their reciprocal dates; instead, null dates on the end are discarded and the values are spread.


      Here's what I WANT to see--  a reversed-axis second graph that allows the user to see how results varied over time...


      But here's what I'm getting (more or less):


      I know there's a plethora or articles about dealing with null values in dates... and the trick seems so familiar that it's bugging me (Duplicating the data source? Assigning a dummy key? Sigh...). Any words of advice?


      Many thanks!