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    Unable to backup Tableau Server Data Manually

    James Tran

      Hi all


      I hope someone here is able to assist as i have failed to find the answer on the internet.


      I am trying to make a manual backup of the Tableau Server but i'm encountering the following error


      ERROR: undefined local variable or method 'result' for Service:Module


      When performing the backup, i can see the backup file at the specified location increase in size.

      But after the backup/process is complete, the file then disappears with the following message in command prompt.



      There was a old post that someone had commented to check the drive space.

      There is only one local drive, and there is 125GB free space on it which i think is sufficient enough.


      Any help is appreciated


      Thank you

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          Hi James,


          I just reviewed 5 support cases internally with this error, the root cause of all of them was lack of disk space.


          I'm curious if running tabadmin cleanup would help. This clears out old log files, and may free up some space. Try running tabadmin cleanup first, then tabadmin backup again. If that doesn't help, try specifying a different temp directory (with much more disk space) for the creation of the backup. This can be done using the "-t" flag in the tabadmin backup command, followed by the path you want to use. Here's an example:


          tabadmin backup newbackup -t D:\BiggerDrive\Tableau

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            James Tran

            Hi Lindy and thanks for your response on my issue.


            I tried what you have suggested and still got the same error.

            I even created a new drive on the virtual machine with 100GB of free space and tried placing the backup file there.

            I directed the backup to go to this drive "e:\tableau"

            I can see that the backup file only reaching 1.3GB before disappearing.


            I'm currently going to try use the restore file that Tableau creates when you uninstall the program, and see if this works.

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              Hi James,


              I'm pulling a few more ideas from this article: Troubleshooting Server Backup and Restores | Tableau Software


              A few thoughts:

              1. Are you running the command prompt as Administrator? I do not get that message about "giving explicit permissions on c:/..." when I run a backup command. I'm wondering if drive permissions are causing an issue. Your cmd window should show "Administrator" in the menu bar, like this:


              2. We should verify the permissions on the C:/ drive as specified in the article above.

              3. How large is your data folder? This is the folder that contributes to much of the disk consumption in Tableau Server, and by default it is located here: C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server. Per the article, we would need at least 20% more disk space as overhead than the size of this folder.



              4. If you can easily spin up additional hardware resources, can we test a much larger hard drive for temporarily? You mentioned creating a separate 100GB drive, but in your first example the backup was failing when we were using a 125gb drive. Any chance you can bump this up to 500gb just to see if that resolves it?