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    Dashboard action filters to filter views on dashboard and jump to another dashboard

    Jacqui Moore



      I am trying to set up an exploratory dashboard where the users can filter other views in the dashboard by clicking to explore, and then can jump from any of the views to a detailed tabular view on another worksheet.


      Attaching a simple example using Superstore that demonstrates the problem.


      You can get the correct results on the detail list by using the filter action to "Go to detail" from any of the three views.  However, once you click to filter the views on the dashboard the action to "Go to detail" does not produce the expected result.


      For example: 

      1. Click Customer Name "Emily Phan"

      2. Then try to view the detail for Sub-Category "Art"

      3. The desired result would be to see 4 records on the detail, but you see all "Art". 


      I have tried adding the filter actions to context, and have also tried specifying the Target fields.


      Any suggestions on how to get to the desired result?


      Thank you!