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    Calculating moving average by call center and day of the week (workbook attached)

    Maximus Decimus Meridius

      I have the following data:




      What I'm trying to do is calculate a moving average (previous 4 data points) by call center and day of the week. This way I can compare the performance of call centers on a particular day against what I typically see for this call center on that day - essentially removing the weekly trends and getting a fairly flat line that goes up and down when there is a sudden shift in performance.


      This is what the graph currently looks like



      By subtracting the moving average for call center by weekday I should get a line that's flat and close to zero unless there's a big difference in performance. So for example, if you look at the data, for the Call Center DC on 5/3, I would like to get call counts for the prior 4 Tuesdays for this particular call center and calculate the average. Since the performance varies quite a bit by call center and day of the week this is really the only average that would be useful to compare against.


      Any ideas how to achieve this?