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    Drill down action shown only for recent worksheet in Dashboard

    Meeran M

      I have 4 worksheets say A,B,C and D with all having drill down action at the Row set level.


      I have used all the 4 worksheets in the Dashboard, the dashboard has the worksheet name as parameter.


      When you select "A" from the parameter the dashboard will display worksheet A and so on.


      The Worksheet name parameter works fine and my issue is am getting the drill down action only for the Worksheet D which is the most recent added

      and not for A,B,C.


      I tried it using only 2 worksheets A and B, in this case the drill down is shown only for B and not for A.


      Would appreciate any help from the Community.


      FYI, all worksheets uses the same data source relational. Am using Tableau 9.0 desktop and has not published to server yet.



      Missing Drill down.PNG


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