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    Transparent backgrounds on floating views?

    Orlando Suarez

      Matt Francis , Thanks for putting a website like this together. Just a few minutes ago I submitted a question for you regarding having transparent backgrounds on floating views in Tableau. I've been trying to get a workaround for this and hitting a lot of dead ends. I could really use some help with this. I saw your Premier League Injuries workbook online (link below) and this is the idea I'm looking for but I couldn't decipher how you made the background images on the sheets line up with the image on the main dashboard. Any tutorials you can point me to...kinda frustrated right now. Thanks again!  https://public.tableau.com/s/gallery/premier-league-injuries-body-part

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          Matt Francis

          Each of the vizzes have background maps, so you need a continuous axis on each one in order for the map to appear. Lining it all up just took a lot of trial and error of slightly adjusting the map offset, checking it, trying again. Have you downloaded the workbook and taken it apart?

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            Orlando Suarez

            I've downloaded the workbook and I've gone to the individual sheets. I'm trying to create a continuous axis for a worksheet but I guess I don't understand how to load the image as the background to that axis. Sorry a bit new to this side of Tableau.


            Here's what I'm trying to do. I've loaded 32 logos in "My Tableau Repository"...each one of those logos represents a car brand or "MAKE". I've tied those shapes to a "MAKE" parameter. I have a worksheet where the standard circle shape has been changed in the Marks card to use the logo (which is a transparent PNG file). So for example, now when a user clicks "Ford" in the parameter filter....the Ford logo dynamically appears where the circle used to be. I'm not using these logo shapes on a trend line or bar graph.....they are simply isolated to just reflect the MAKE chosen in the parameter.


            I then take that sheet and I throw it in my dashboard as a floating view. My problem is when I throw the sheet as a floating view the background is white instead of transparent.


            Do you have a tutorial link of some sort that shows how to do the continuous axis and how you load a photo in conjunction with that?

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              Matt Francis

              Can you attach the workbook?

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                Orlando Suarez

                I wish I could attach the workbook but it has sensitive, protected info and it is too large to recreate as a dummy. So, instead I'm attaching images that show how things are set up right now. I hope that helps.


                The first image shows how I have the Sheet set up for the MAKE logos.

                LOGO Parameter.png

                The second image shows the dashboard itself and what I'm trying to accomplish. I've covered many areas of the dashboard but the key section is still visible.

                Floating description.png


                So how can I insert the orange/blue background into the SHEET above?


                Let me know if I've missed something that can get for you.



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                  Orlando Suarez

                  So I was finally able to make this work! Matt Francis , thanks for helping to point the way with your workbook examples and your patient replies in this thread. Something that also really helped bring this home for me was coming across this video tutorial below from Andy Kriebel . I thought this visually broke down the process in a very detailed manner and I think it may be helpful to all others that are struggling to find a workaround for the issue of transparent backgrounds on floating views.

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                    Abhinav Garg

                    Hi Orlando Suarez,


                    I was going through your thread. I am having kind of similar trouble, where I want to rest my stacked bar on a image. Exactly the way you want the logo sheet to rest on the orange octagon logo. When I am trying to fit the Image sheet over my Stacked bar sheet, my image sheet hides behind. How can I keep the image in background which is visible through my stacked bars?


                    Image 1:

                    When I "send it back" using floating order option. It hides behind.


                    Image 2:

                    Any comments?