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    Dashboard menu action filter not filtering data properly after multiple selections on dashboard sheets.

    Sushmitha Reddy



      I have a workbook with one dashboards, landing page and one sheet, details sheet.

      It has multiple data sources.

      Work Order (ID) is the detail level in the datasource1.

      ProviderId is granular field in datasource2 and datasource3.



      I have 6 charts/sheets in the landing page dashboard. Two calculated fields coming from datasource2 and datasource3 are used only in the sheet 5 and sheet 6.


      I have select action filter set on the landing page dashboard, making all sheets on the dashboard interactive.

      Also a menu action filter (Go to Details) is set on landing page dashboard to filter the records in Details sheet.


      When I click on any of the first 4 sheets, say, when i click on state CA in sheet3 showing measure value = 68, so will show the sum of measures on any other sheet in the dashboard.

      But when clicked on state PA in sheet 3 showing measure valve = 50 , then clicking on Auto in Sheet2 showing measure value = 21..except for the sheet2 the sum of measure valves on all other sheets go back to their original value (value before applying action filter).


      Could some one please help me resolve this issue.?


      I am using tableau desktop 9.3.1 and sample workbook is attached.