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    YoY calculation gets messed up when I make a table

    Ramesh Krishnan

      Hello Helpers,


      I am trying to calculate YoY difference of a metric. The metric is available from Q2 2013 till Q2 2016. So, the YoY values should be available from Q2 2014 till Q2 2016.


      I tried to achieve this by making a table and verified using a chart. However, the YoY values in the table are messed up because

      1. Q1 2014 shows a YoY value (it should not be showing because there's no data for Q1 2013)

      2. Q4 2014 does not show a YoY value (it should ideally be showing).

      3. The absolute values are perfectly fine.

      4. The issue with the messed up YoY is only for 2014. For 2015 and 2016, things are fine again!


      This is very confusing as I am not able to think of any logic. I am hoping you could help me.


      Please compare the screenshots of the chart and the table below. I was expecting both to give same results.


      YoY Chart.png  YoY Tbl.png


      However, when I convert the chart into a crosstab, things seem to be working as expected. Screenshot below.

      YoY Crosstab.png

      If you see here, there is no YoY value for Q1 2014. And the other values are perfect.


      Please help me understand and fix this!