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    Tableau Server Backgrounder - Notification Issue

    Patrick Alpers

      This morning our notifications did not send properly. The backgrounder running the process was trying to send them for over an hour. A few notification were sent out, but contained this message:


           "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered."


      When users tried to access Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop, it wouldn't load anything. Upon checking the server, CPU was at 100%. I ended up rebooting the server and that fixed the problem, but I'd like to better understand what caused the issue in the first place. Any ideas on where I can look?


      I've attached a screenshot of the failed backgrounder processes. We've never had any issue like this before. Our server has 8 cores; 2 backgrounders. Disk space wasn't an issue. All extracts ran normally. Any ideas on how to investigate this further is appreciated!