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    Teradata Metadata taking an age to load

    Nick Crewdson

      Hi All


      This is my first post on the forum but I have been a Tableau user for many years.

      We are a large Teradata site and I have used Tableau for many of our performance reporting requirement with versions 8 and below however we have just upgraded to 9.2 and I am trying to connect through to the the data dictionary (DBC) and the initial metadata query is taking a long time (>20 mins as I type). This has never been an issue before. I am not using an initial SQL statement just a vanilla data dictionary call.


      I know tableau will restrict the activity on the dd (ie. will not permit you to list tables in the dd) but it is something I have done 1000's of times before.


      Is this a known issue? If so is there a work around?


      Thanks in advance



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          Nick Crewdson

          OK. Been digging around in the Database Query Log (DBQL) and have found a that Tableau submits the following query :


          SELECT t.DataBaseName,








            FROM dbc.TablesVX t LEFT JOIN dbc.ColumnsVX c ON c.DataBaseName = t.DataBaseName AND c.TableName = t.TableName

            WHERE t.DatabaseName = 'D_DWCDB'

            AND t.TableKind IN ( 'E' , 'P' )

            ORDER BY t.DataBaseName,




          In Tableau 8.1 The metadata call was made using the TablesV so the initial call will take into account access rights. In addition to that the query is only looking for Stored Procedures and External Stored Procedures ( t.TableKind IN ( 'E' , 'P' )) which seem totally irrelevant.


          I have found a work around by cancelling the metadata query but I shouldn't have to do this.