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    Changing Dimensions using Parameters - MDX

    Yilin Xie



      the datasource i am woking on is a powerpivot datasource. I would like to create a workbook that allows the user to select different dimensions to explore the different "cuts" of the data.

      my attempt to achieve this is to use Parameters.


      below is a simplified version of my approach:


      step 1: create Parameter titled "Testing"

      Create a listed parameter with "Age Grp"


      Step 2: create calculated member titled "Select Dim"

      Case [Measures].[Parameter_Testing]

      When "Age Grp" Then [Table].[Age Grp]




      I manage to obtain the Parameter's name through opening the twb file using notepad.

      [Table].[Age Grp] is the dimension in my datasource I wish to use


      Step 3: pull "Select Dim" to columns and "Sum population" to "Text" Marks



      Null for the chart's column and the value is the total sum of population


      I think there is some error in my MDX query. Hope to get some pointers on how I can do this correctly.