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    Hierarchy Action Filters

    Michael Lang

      Hi All,

      I have a question to the action filters:

      Following procedure (I use superstore): I have a dashboard with landscape with the states of USA. When you click on a state (e.g. California), you are moved to another dashboard via action filter, where you can see the Profit per Category for California.

      When you select a category (e.g. Technology) on that second dashboard, you are moved to a third dashboard with the sub-categories. What happens now, is that I  geht the profit for sub-categories of the selected "Technology", but the profit is not more related to California but to the all United States. So the first filter is lost.

      Perhaps the fault is on my side. I tried a lot to solve it, played with the action filters, but I have no more ideas now.

      Is somebody able to help me?


      Dashboard is attached (go from Landscape --> Category --> Subcategory --> Product)