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    Tableau on a Cube, LOD Dimensions Break Visuals due to Slicing

    Josh Connor



      I have an issue where referencing dimensions, from a MSAS Cube, as calculated members in order to use them as calculated fields (which requires they be place somewhere on the LOD) is causing the visuals to be sliced and thus breaking.


      We are computing all of our measures in the Cube and passing values back to Tableau, however we are using parameters to drive date filtering (YTD, Prior Period, Rolling 12, etc) I have a line over bar graph working because it pulls in the year and month values from the cube into the visual, however my single sum field is now breaking because pulling the Year and Month values from the Date Dim onto the Marks card causes them to become sliced by... Year and Month, so I am not able to get a single sum.


      Is their any way to reference dimensions in LOD but not have them impact the visuals? This becomes an even bigger issue when you try to add a user ID for some Row Level security into the mix.


      In the image below the fields in the table are broken out by year and month because they are required to be on the LOD (here I chose the Marks Card, is there a better place?)

           Any way to "ignore" these fields in slicing the data?

           Should I pull them somewhere else, or do something to them?

           Can I utilize the date dimensions from my cube some other way?

           Is there any way to re-sum these values?


      Please help!