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    Filters across multiple data sources

    Lynn Lavey

      I have 2 data sources (1 SQL query which is my primary data source for shipments and 1 .csv file as my secondary data source for failures)  They are linked by 2 different common fields:  Design ID and part number.  I have a text table which pulls in shipments from my primary source and failures from my secondary source.  I also have a DPM calculation which takes fail/shipments*1000000.  Everything works great, until you filter out some of the fails from my secondary source.  When i filter out some failures, the shipments that correspond to that data also disappear.  What i want is to be able to keep the shipment quantities the same, but be able to filter out some fails without affecting shipment qty.


      For ex:  I have filtered by Design ID = T66A.  All Qty Fails, Shipments, and DPM is all correct. 

      Now, when i use the quick filter for Defect Mfg Area (which is from my secondary source) and remove the No Failure Found, it not only removes the No Failure Found failures, but it also removes the corresponding shipments.


      How can I only remove some of the fails and leave all shipments included?