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    I need a help in Cross tab

    rushendra sriram

      Hi Team


      I Building a cross tab report. it has more columns. I know tableau support only 16 Columns. Is there any work around or way to increase that.


      Thank you,


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          Rohan Malusare

          Hi Rushendra,


          In cross tab you can add only 16 Columns there is no any alternative way.

          Lets hope Tableau v10 will have customize feature to add more than 16 columns.



          Thanks and regards,

          Rohan Malusare.

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            rushendra sriram

            Hi Team


            One of the Tableau expert saying that we can increase the columns via tweeking the XML code. if any one done. Please share the same.


            its a urgent client requirement.


            Thank you,


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              Russell Christopher

              The XML Hacking approach is very fragile - not something you'd want to bet your life on. It is also unsupported. As the expert, are you willing to stake your reputation on this if something goes wrong?


              If so, change the Maximum levels of row labels and Maximum number of horizontal row labels options to a higher number (like 11). If you're not familiar with these settings, Google them: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/windows/en-us/help.htm#formatting_tableoptions.html


              The XML elements in a twb that get set when you touch these look like this:


                          <format attr='row-levels' value='11' />

                          <format attr='row-horiz-levels' value='11' />


              Find these elements in the XML and change the values to something else. After you modify these values to something higher than 16, you may NOT use the UI to attempt to adjust them again.


              Reminder: This is a bad approach. It is not visual analytics. You should focus on breaking your user's attachment to big crosstabs vs. making Tableau do unnatural things. The former will make you (and them) successful. The latter sets you up for more problems.


              Good luck!