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    X-Frame-Options: SAME-ORIGIN with Sparkler on Tableau Online

    Michael Kant

      Hello all, I'm trying to get Sparkler set up to connect Salesforce with Tableau Online.

      I'm successfully routing to our Tableau server, but I get a spinning loader in the salesforce frame, and the following console error:


      Refused to display 'https://10az.online.tableau.com/ourWebsiteAddress..........' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.


      My understanding was that X-Frame-Options is supposed to be set by Tableau on Workbooks and Projects, but not on views? In the VisualForce page I am attempting to access a simple View "'ts.name': 'Salesforce/About'," and I'm fairly confident that the problem is not with Salesforce. I don't see any settings in Tableau Online related to headers or anything of the sort...


      Any help would be appreciated!