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    Determine values in different rows based on alternative field?

    Mary Courtney

      New to Tableau so sorry if this is obvious, but I had a hunt and couldn't find/understand anything.  So I have a cake shop and I want to know if people have purchased both éclairs and Eccles cakes in the same order



      ORDER ID     item 

      0001         éclair

      0001         iced bun

      0001         Eccles cake

      0002         éclair

      0002         iced bun

      0003         éclair        

      0003         Eccles cake  



      What I want as an output is the following:



      ORDER ID        item                  éclair?

      0001                 éclair                  0

      0001                 iced bun             0

      0001                 Eccles cake        1

      0002                 éclair                  0

      0002                 iced bun             0

      0003                 éclair                  0

      0003                 Eccles cake        1




      I'm thinking it requires something like a lookup, or a helper column?!

      For reference, I've got a single data set (a csv file) so I'm guessing I can't run a SQL query on it?