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    I've replaced missing values with zeros, but trended lines still don't show this

    Maximus Decimus Meridius

      I have missing values for certain dates (i.e. no calls came in), which I replaced with 0s using the following formula


      zn(lookup(sum([HDY]), 0))



      However, when I try to show the trended line it just ignores the 0s and connects the the two nearest dates with values, which hides the fact that there was an issue on that day



      According to this article the the solution should be as easy as click then date axis and selecting "show missing values", but I don't see this option. I'd love to see the gaps in the lines as in this article, or at least have the line go down to zero and then go up again. How can I achieve this? I've found some very long threads on how to do this, but it seems there has to be a simple way once you have actual 0s in the data?