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    Tableau Server Extracts

    Karthik Kasu

      Hi Experts,

      I created an extract and published it on to the server. Now I replaced my workbook data source connection with my extract, which is on server, on tableau desktop. When I replace my data source it asks for live or extract again? Now what shall I do?

      Most obvious answer is that I have to use live connection. But why is that we are shown an option of extract? Please note that refreshes are already scheduled on the extract that I published.

      If I want to refresh the extract on the server it barely takes 3-4 minutes for full refresh. Number of rows are 3.79 million. If I do the same refresh on desktop, it takes hours on desktop. Can I know what is the problem with my desktop?

      Thank You Experts!

      Have a great Week



      P.S.: My database is IBM dB2.

      My desktop properties are: