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    State Legislative District Maps

    Daniel Katz

      I am wondering if anyone has Tableau maps already built for US State Legislative Districts (Upper and Lower).  This would save me a lot of time from importing the shapes from 2015 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles.

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          Steve Burger



          I do not know if anyone has already created this file, yet.


          However, since you have the Tiger Shapefiles,  you can use the free shapefile to TDE resource created by Craig Bloodwork (infolab.co.uk) at the Alteryx Gallery: Alteryx Analytics Gallery


          You will need to create an account. Alteryx is a third party application that provides ETL and analytics and is a frequent Tableau Partner.  However, this product is not supported by Tableau.


          I've done this exercise for Texas School districts.


          One piece of advice, use the "Generalize Polygon" checkbox and experiment with levels of Generalization. Often times shapefiles have far more vertices then you actually need and slimming them down to just what is necessary to accurately create your polygons helps Tableau performance.


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          Steve Burger

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            Daniel Katz

            Thank you for this direction.  I tried with MapBox.  I joined the various

            state files into one shapefile and used this as a layer in MapBox.  I

            connected this to Tableau and the shapes do not come through.  They look

            fine in MapBox but not in Tableau.  I will give this alternate a shot.




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            State Legislative District Maps


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              Thomas Exter

              Hi Daniel,


              WOW, that's a lot of shapefiles. But if your result looks good in Mapbox, that's a huge positive. I'm assuming it's not a simple issue like selecting the layer(s) after you tell Tableau to display your Mapbox background map. But my next question is, assuming you have data for each legislative district, do you have the centroids for each area to assign "shape" marks on the map with size and color so that you get the visualization you want. Just asking because I've done this, relative newbie as I am.


              Best regards,