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    Gantt Waterfall (walk-like) display of differences from year to year, display the intermediate Groups

    Johan Undra

      Hi everyone


      I am looking to recreate the following yearly waterfall/"walk":


      What I have are two data sources, linked by an ID. DataSource A has the ID, Start, End and Key. DataSource B has the ID and the amount.


      What I would like to resemble is a walk from what ended between two years (e.g. 2014 and 2015) to result in the totals of 2015. The number of records is coming from DataSource B, while the information of dates is coming from A. So, basically I want to take the number of records for Year 2015 - the number of records for Year 2014 and display that difference per Key.


      I thought about FIXED by Year, but with the datasource relation, that is not possible. Adding the normal totals or subtotals just adds everything up. At the moment I have no clue about how to add my own totals and base my calculation on these as I have the number of records in the one file but the years to group it on in the other. How could I calculate such a total, per year... and then per key? I know about the possibilities of doing a Gantt chart and build minus differences for a walk, but lacking the skills for the Total calculation. Any help for finger-pointing is apprecitated ^^



      Thanks a lot in advance