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    Top 10 Customers where Sale is Calculated Measure

    Fahim K



      I have created Start and End date parameter in my dashboard. I also have a CalculatedSalesField which uses these Start & End date parameters to display Sales for the Current period defined by user using the date parameters.


      I am using following formula for my CalculatedSalesField measure if that helps to understand the problem here:

      sum(IF [Date Value] >= [StartDate]

      and [Date Value] <= [EndDate]

      then [Sales Value] else 0 END)


      Now what I am trying to do is create Top 10 customer list using this CalculatedSalesField and I am confused how to do it.


      If it was a simply Sales measure then I could have done it easily but how to use my calculated sales field?


      When I use Rank(Sum([CalculatedSalesField])) then it gives me error message that "Argument to SUM is already an aggregation and cannot be further aggregated". 


      What are my options here?