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    Z-scores or colour tips for map

    Marco Unfer

      Hello guys!


      I am working on a world map which is meant to represent the countries cultivating GM crops. Since our data are not normally distributed and are influenced by several outliers, the countries with a low amount of crops result to be similar in color with the Countries that are not cultivating GM crops.


      In this light, I decided to compute the z-scores of the values to have a color contrast between the countries that are cultivating few crops and those that are not cultivating at all. In this way the issue with the color contrast of the outliers is finally solved. On the other hand, the legend is now more difficult to interpret since it is not related to the amount of hectares but to their z-scores.


      What would you suggest? Shall I keep the first map, where the legend is clear but the color contrast is not? Or shall I go for the z-scores one, where the legend is not easy to interpret?

      Or can you give me some tips on how colour the map in hectares and avoid the z-scores oddity?


      Attached you can find the maps.

      Thanks for you're help to the newbie!