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    Color legend vanishes on reducing transparency in dual axis chart!

    Ramesh Krishnan

      Hello Helpers,


      I am trying to plot weekly data and retain the axis as months. This is what I am doing to achieve the result.


      1. Bring the month pill on to the column shelf, then expand it to week number (keep the data parts alone, I mean Month should be May, not May 2015, and week number should also be like that). By default, both will be marked as discrete (blue pills).

      2. Bring your measure on to the row shelf.

      3. Change both month and week to continuous (now the pills will turn green). Make sure Month pill stays on the left side of week pill.

      4. Mark week as "dual axis".

      5. On the marks card, choose the card for month and click on color and change transparency to 0%.

      6. Click on week number pill and uncheck show header.

      7. Because you marked the month pill as continuous, the axis will be like Dec, Jan, Feb, ... , Nov, Dec, Jan. But we really don't want the additional Dec and Jan. So, just right click the axis and "Edit axis" and choose fixed range and make it 0 to 12. Now your axis will have labels from Jan to Dec only.



      However, the moment I change transparency of Months to 0%, the colors near the legends vanish. I want the color legends because otherwise, the graph will not make any sense. Below is the screenshot. Notice that there are no colors near the years (eventhough the lines are distinguished by different colors).



      Please help me resolve this issue.