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    From Fiscal Period (ex: 2016-03) , how to create Last Period, current quarter, last quarter ...

    Bessie LIU

      I have raw data on order level by monthly, see below table:


      OrderProduct LineFiscal Period Grand Total
      4641096Mass Spec Life Science - ICR-FT2012-01               3,120.01
      4648461Mass Spec Life Science - ICR-FT2012-01               1,815.02
      4641396Tech Support2012-01 505.08
      4650785Tech Support2012-01               2,025.00
      4643832Tech Support2012-01               1,187.78
      4651015Tech Support2012-01 257.36
      4647688Tech Support2012-01 386.30
      4649291Tech Support2012-01 174.14
      4652007Tech Support2012-01 132.24
      4651011Tech Support2012-01 337.56
      4650663Tech Support2012-01 389.99
      4651113Tech Support2012-01 206.07
      4652438Depot2012-01 79.19



      I want to create a dashboard report based on  user select  "Fiscal period" (e.g. 2012-04),  I create different calculated filed:

      • Last Period (ex: 2011-04)
      • Current Quarter (ex: Q2, 2012)
      • Last Quarter (ex: Q2, 2011)
      • by the end of this year (ex: 2012, Jan - April)
      • same period of last year (ex: 2011, Jan - April)

      The report look like below pic:

      Can somebody help to let me know how to create the the above calculated fields?  Thank you in advance!