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    Join By Date/Time Not Working

    Steven Mullin

      Hey guys,


      I have an Excel Workbook that I have loaded into Tableau.  The workbook contains 3 sheets.  My first column is a time column which looks like - 8:05:01 AM.  Although internally it is actually - 31/05/2016  8:05:01 AM.


      I drag each sheet into the 'Join Pane' on the Data Source tab, then set them to Join by the Time field.  Tableau offers me left or Inner joins.  Either way ought to be fine.  Every single value for each row in the time column is exactly the same.  But Tableau doesn't seem to recognise that. 


      On a left join I see the data for the first sheet, but then everything else is Null.  Is there any special way to deal with date/time fields that I should be aware of?


      I realise that I can just create a new column in each sheet with something like a row number, but I'd like to join by Time if it's possible.


      I would appreciate any help.

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