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    Combining dimension from 2 different sources

    Siamand Babataheri


      I have two different sources of data that I need to combine in order to continue build on the graph from the primary source.


      The primary data source contain measures and data until 25/5-2016.


      Secondary data source contain same measure figures BUT starting  on 26/5-2016, and going forward.




      I Think I have created a 'calculated field' which overlap the data from the two sources, according to this formula:


      if ISNULL([EQF ETE (old MS)]) THEN 0 ELSE [EQF ETE (old MS)] END +

      if ISNULL([Rapportunderlag_Nodelevel_2].[EQF ETE (new MS)]) THEN 0 ELSE [Rapportunderlag_Nodelevel_2].[EQF ETE (new MS)] END




      How shall the formula be built in order to link dimensions from two CSV. (text file) sources with same format?