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    Conditional Format - Multiple criteria / colors (cell background) - (.twbx Attached :)

    Dario Restrepo

      Hi everyone,


      It's almost 3 am and I've been trying for several hours to solve this on my own without any luck.  Therefore I'm sending out the Bat Signal to all tableau wizards, zen masters and Jedi's! 


      I'm trying to do a Heat Map that will color code cells based on their values.   Not sure how to write the calculation that will allow the table to color code (cell background) based on a SIX different colors (risk levels).  To complicate matters, the criteria used to color code is segmented by 3 different variable types, ( aka 'Vintage (A)' , 'Vintage (B)', and 'Vintage (C)' ) ,  that use their own specific criteria to assign the risk level (color).


      Hopefully what I wrote makes sense.  To help explain, here's the legend that the criteria is based on: 


      Note:  For Risk Level-1, color coded based on < less-than value shown in legend,  and for all other risk levels, color code based on greater than or equal to for value shown in the legend.




      FINALLY, here is what the end result of the Risk Level Heat Map should look like in Tableau.  This was done in Excel but trying to accomplish this in Tableau.


      Hopefully one of you talented guys can help me with this.  It would be greatly appreciated!!  I am attaching the Tableau workbook along with the table created in Excel for reference.


      Thanks in advance!


      - Dario


      PS - I'm CC'ing Ryan Slagle who is an absolute beast with Tableau and conditional formatting.  I'm hoping you get a chance to tackle this one!

      Also CCing Pooja who is another beast in her own right     thank you guys!!


      Ryan SlaglePooja Gandhi