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    Average of Least Four Values under Three Categories

    John de Boer

      Hi there, I’m new to Tableau so please forgive me if this is dead simple, or just dumb.


      I have a very simple data set I’m trying to display. Source data columns include date, Currency (USD, KWR or CAD), and a decimal value ("Return").


      I’d like Tableau to show the average of the least 4 values for each currency, over all dates. I feel like there must be a simple way to do this that I’m missing. Ideally, it looks like this:

      The displayed values are correct averages for the entire data set under each currency. But can I filter the underlying set to the least 4 before the average is performed?


      By sorting the data under each category and using the INDEX() function as a discrete filter, along with a copy of the decimal values as a dimension, I was able to return the 4 least values in each category. I get that this is completely the wrong way to do it, but it seems so tantalizingly close. I want the average of those four values in each Currency category.


      Any ideas would be most welcome. Thank you!