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    Date Filter Removing Too Many Rows

    Cody Gabbard

      I have a few worksheets set up with the data in my Rows columns (Managers) coming from the primary source. In subsequent columns are metrics based on calculated fields (eg. % Correct on Survey, Average Score, etc). Each Measures column comes from a different secondary source, and they are all tied to the primary source by Manager. On one sheet it is set up as a crosstab, and on the other it's set up like a regular table with the Measure Names on the column shelf and the Measure Values on the Text shelf.


      I want to be able to set a date filter. I've created some parameters for other worksheets that are linked to the various date fields for each source and they work fine. However, when I try to use them on the two worksheets I just mentioned they are not working as I was expecting. For example, as a test I used on of the secondary source's date

      field as a filter, but as I filtered down data it was effecting the other columns, not just changing the data in the one column. I would expect it to only effect that single column.


      Is there a way to either 1) have a date field effect only a single column or (more importantly) 2) set a date filter/parameter that will work across all of the measures and their secondary sources accordingly? Thank you