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    Trouble applying multiple AND / OR filters

    Mikolaj Michniewicz


      In the attached workbook, I'm having a problem with setting up multiple filters for products ordered with a combination of options.

      Sample data set has 4 columns;

      1. Order Main line - this is the product someone can order
      2. Order number
      3. Option - an option selected with the purchase of the product appearing on the "Order main line" Note that the product name which appears in the "Order main line" is also repeated in the "Option" and multiple options can be ordered with either product.
      4. Quantity


      I would like to preferably set up quick filters (but I'm open to any other solution) which allows me to find the quantity of products with "Option" X AND Y AND [Z OR Q].  So the filter would output the quantity of product appearing in "Order Main line' which was ordered with three options in total (X,Y and one of either Z or Q).

      Help would very much appreciated!