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    BigQuery Credential Problems when Accessing Google Sheets Federated Table

    Louis-Marius Gendreau

      I defined a table as a federated table which refers to a google sheet. It works perfectly well when I query it from the google bigquery web UI. However, if I try to query it using the Tableau Software BigQuery driver, I get the following error message: No suitable credentials found to access Google Drive. Contact the table owner for assistance.

      A few facts about my setup:

      1. When I use the BigQuery driver in Tableau, I log in using the same user id that I use when I go into the BigQuery web UI.
      2. Queries from Tableau to a native BigQuery table work fine.
      3. I enabled the google drive api in my cloud account.
      4. The google sheet and google big query account are under the same google user.
      5. I have no problem saving a bigquery query as a google sheet under that account.
      6. I tried sharing the sheet "to anyone that has the URL" and it does not work.