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    Cant understand how to do a simple alert

    Sangeeta Suryavanshi



      I fairly new to tableau and viz alerts so please bear with me. I am trying to a simple alert very basic. I read the guides but still cant figure how to do something this simple. So I just want an alert if [ my attribute] > 50 then send simple alerts alert to whoever subscribed for the Alerts in the tableau server.  So I created a calculated field called EmailAlert with this calculation

      IF [my attribute] > 50

      THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      What do I have to do further? Please can someone explain?

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          Matt Coles

          VizAlerts functions off of one simple triggering mechanism: The presence of data in your viz. If, when VizAlerts is scheduled to check your viz, it finds that data is present, it will trigger the alert. If it finds no data, then nothing happens. Thus, the criteria for when you receive an alert depends solely on what data you’ve connected to and how you’ve filtered it. Because of this you have a lot of flexibility in defining your alert.


          So set EmailAlert up as a filter that only allows "1" (though you don't have to build a calc for this, Tableau is able to filter on a measure just fine). So only records with Email Alert = 1 will be shown in your viz. Publish it to Tableau Server, where you have presumably already set VizAlerts up and tested it, and the subscribe to your viz on one of the VizAlerts schedules. When the schedule rolls around, if there's anything showing in your viz, you'll get an email.

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            Toby Erkson

            Sangeeta Suryavanshi, did Matt's answer help or are you still having an issue?