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    The Analysis Changed After Extracted

    Shahirah Badrus



      I've have come into a dead end, where I unable to figure out why this is happening. I noticed this happened right after I published it Online. Some values been removed. After checked, it's happened due to data extraction. I attach some of my analysis so that you can see the differences.


      Screen Shot 05-29-16 at 01.05 PM.PNG

      Does anyone know why this happened? Below, I describe about this analysis.


      1- 'Empty' and 'Occupied' are status that been created using calculated field.

      2- The values are coming from pivoting some columns together

      3- I have excluded a row (this row already sum up for each of the column)

      4- This data source is in excel that already has its template (with a help of Data Interpreter it cleaned the data source)


      Are any of those listed is the cause for this circumstances happened? I can't published without extracting the data. Please do help me


      Thank you.