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    Overlay Charts from Separate Worksheets

    Steve Wilson


      Hope everyone is having a nice day.


      My aim is to overlay a stepped column on a scatter plot, both shown below.


      The data for the scatter plot is extracted from an SQL table, whereas the data for the column is extracted from an excel spreadsheet.


      For my first attempt I used dual axis, however there is no relationship between the two sets of data, so I cannot separate them out by a single measure.


      I am able to color code the individual values on whether they fall inside or outside of the column using a set of calculated fields (show at the bottom). But I cannot display the column on the scatter plot or visa versa.


      All advice would be greatly appreciated.


      If you need any more info please let me know

      Thanks Steve


      Stepped Column (Line) Separated by Measure 'Point'                             Scatter Plot (Shape)      Separated by measure 'ID'                                                                                                         


      Same as Scatter plot above but color coded

      Scatter plot color coded by location with respect to the column (outside blue - inside orange)

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Steve,


          For a pure overlay you should be making

          a single datasource from your two ones.


          Same as if one try to map two set of Marks

          using two different Lat/Lon pairs of coordinates

          which comes initially from different sources.


          I could play with your Point data a bit

          and would offer a partial "solution" --

          those using Continuous Bins on Dual Axis.


          Please find the attached.


          Notice that the view comes from a single source.

          I included your Points datasource as a reference.