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    Keeping my Extracts Under Control: Selectively Stopping Refresh

    Michael Hesser

      Can I change the data type of an extract so Tableau will still utilize it, yet it will be untouched by "REFRESH ALL EXTRACTS" ?


      I'm using Tableau Desktop 9.2.7 with no access to Tableau Server. My issue is as follows:

      • I've created a Tableau Extract from an ODBC source. Let's call it COMPANY RESULTS (OLD)
      • I'm expecting a bunch of new data, Let's call that COMPANY RESULTS (NEW)
      • I want to compare COMPANY RESULTS (OLD) to COMPANY RESULTS (NEW) and determine where significant changes have occurred
      • Here's where it gets tricky (at least for me): Once the new data comes in, it effectively replaces the old data, wiping it out as if it never existed. So I need to preserve the old data, then import the new data under a different name.
        I'm aware that I could copy the extract and manually refresh the one I want, my fear is I'm going to forget this little step and accidentally hit "REFRESH ALL EXTRACTS"-- causing both extracts to reflect the same values and rendering any comparison useless.


      Can I take my existing extract of old data and turn it into a data type that Tableau will play nicely with, but will remain unchanged if I accidentally hit "REFRESH ALL"?

      Because of the size of the extract, I doubt I would be able to manually copy/paste underlying data into a .csv file: a systemic method is needed.


      I'll be happy to attach a .twbx if you think that will help, however I'm hoping this is more of a procedural question. Thank you for your help!