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    Dashboard Size & Tooltip

    Karthik Kasu

      Question 1: I built a dashboard for viewing in Desktop. Now I want to use the dashboard to be viewed in iPad and the same dashboard does not fit into safari of iPad. I want the dashboard to automatically update its size in whatever screen they are viewing. Is there away to do that?

      or is it that I have to change the setting of dashboard size from exactly to automatic in my desktop.

      Question 2: Tooltips are working fine with the same dashboard on desktop. Is there anyway that I can make the user interact with tooltips.


      Thank You

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          Rohan Malusare

          Hi Karthik,


          I would suggest you to take note of what are the different resolutions that are used by the dashboard users.


          Then choose the minimum size and create the dashboard, which will work fine in tall the other devices. When you chose the Automatic options all your labels and and filters affect when dashboard goes blank. I have kept the automatic sizing in one of my dashboard but when it comes to different resolutions it doesn't work that well.


          For the tool tip and action you can use the menu option in the filter so that you can make the user interact with tooltips.




          Thanks and Regards,

          Rohan Malusare.

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            Dustin Wyers

            FFor question 1 a couple thoughts. There is a range sizing option where you can pick a min and max. this can help with sizing between resolutions but you still will have to build one res and test to see how it looks on the small or larger screens.

            AT the conference they showed how in v10 you will be able to re arrange a single dashboard for multiple devices when you are publishing. That will help with this . That is likely releasing this year.

            QUestion2: format them to be appealing. You may even eliminate some labels and only put the detail in the tooltip. The comment about actions is also a good way to drive users to them.


            Remember that you control the experience for the user so build where they need to go. Maybe some breadcrumbs in the chart titles could also be done


            Hover on bar for profit detail


            Take Care,

            Dustin W


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              Rohan Malusare

              Welcome. If your problem is solve then mark the correct answer and closed the thread so people can refer to this.



              Thanks and regards,

              Rohan Malusare.