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    Comparing week over week to last month

    Archit Sood

      The thing I am trying to achieve is to compare data for a week to what is was on the same week last month.

      By same week I mean, Monday to Sunday for the last month.

      Even if I do date part calculation to subtract month by 1, things will get tricky when month changes in between of a week.


      I would want to compare the same things but for the previous month. May 2 was a Monday, but April 2 was a Saturday, hence date wont do the job.

      Beside the above graph I would want to place another comparing results with last month same week.


      Question: Is it above assumptions/calculation idea wrong? or should it be based on date?


      Any pointers or if this discussion has already happened might help. I have already looked at the year over year comparison.