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    Counting number of times a string in data source 1 appears in a field in data source 2

    Mirissa Ladent



      I have a workbook with two data sources: 1 is user created lists and 2 is the list of all documents in our database and their metadata.

      In their lists, users can choose to add either document names, or another piece of metadata, like a subject category. In the latter case, all documents with that subject category are considered part of their list.


      What I need to do in this workbook is determine how many documents fall under each category, so I can calculate the average number of documents in lists.

      The list of subject category I'm interested in is held in data source 1 and the document metadata is held in data source 2. The subject category field can contain several values, separated by a comma.

      There is no common field between the two data sources that I can use to link them.


      Anyone know what the calculation would look like?